Privacy Policy / Terms of Use

  1. Summary
  2. Your privacy is valued at RealTCT. We only use the information you submit in our application or website as stated below:
  3. Information that we Collect
    1. In order to use the tools in our our application or website , you submit your name, mobile number, email address in order to become a user member. These fields are required to create or edit your profile in our forms.
    2. Our user members may update their profile at any time to keep information accurate.
    3. Member users who no longer want to use the tools of our application or website have an option to request for deactivation of their account.
  4. How Your Information is used
  5. The information you publish in the site, may be used internally or by third parties that are authorized. By using our applications or our website, within Philippine jurisidiction or outside the Philippines, you consent to collection, transfer, storage, and processing of information.
    Our actions are safeguarded by this policy.
    1. Uses of information:
      1. Communication - Facilitate communication for our user members:
        • Custom email campaigns, push, and SMS notifications we get from the user member database
        • Email marketing campaigns regarding features, properties, special promos, and announcements
        • Our member users can opt out of receiving Email marketing campaigns
      2. Customization
        • Personalize application and website content to your preferences and searches To provide better and customized service to you.
        • Use cookies, for pattern recognition to deliver custom content. Cookies are text file that is placed by a web server to a user’s computer to identify the computer uniquely.
      3. Data Analytics
        • Learn from our member users demographics, searches, and inquiries what they are looking for
        • Connect buyers and sellers together by analyzing our user members behaviour
    2. Connect with Facebook
    3. Connect with Facebook allows you to use your Facebook account at RealTCT. Connect with Facebook permits RealTCT to:
      • Use your name in Facebook as your RealTCT name.
      • Your profile photo in Facebook as your profile photo in RealTCT.
      • Your email address in Facebook as your email address in RealTCT.
      • Your public profile in Facebook as you public profile in RealTCT.
    4. Information transfer
      • Entities (companies or private enterprises) that have joint ventures or are part of our group of companies
      • Service partners that help us provide services for our application and website if necessary for them to deliver their service.
      • Government if upon request and with a legal mandate
      • User members and third parties who purchase, potential and active, who have request to avail of the service. This is consistent with what is stated in section III.
    5. Protection of Legitimate Interest
      • In the interest of the , business partners, customers or third parties’ right, as allowed by law; and
      • To pursue your legitimate interests, as allowed by law.
    6. Advertising
    7. RealTCT may post the information and photos you post in other forms of media such as but not limited to Social media marketing, Search Engine Marketing, publication, fliering, television, radio, print, email marketing, SMS blasting, and digital media.
    8. Location by IP
    9. We track and record your IP address and other locational information identify your device which are collected to the system.
    10. About Cookies
    11. We use cookies on the Site in order to allow you to set your individual preferences for present and future use of the Site. Cookies are small text files that reside on your computer that enable us to track your use of our Site.
    12. Industry analysis
    13. We collect may information for record keeping, assessment, analysis, and report generation.
    For the said purpose, you completely agree and authorize REALTCT to disclose any and all information that you submitted to its customers, third party providers, partners, government agencies, and user entities with legitimate interest.
  6. Information Security
  7. We strive to secure your information using privacy tools provider by our hosting provider. We do not guarantee that information you provide may be extracted through unlawful or unauthorized intrusions. We also cannot have any control over third-party advertising companies that server advertisements while visiting our website and our application.
    We require you to read our privacy policy.